Workshop Options:


Our Workshops are designed for you to look at your vision for life and make it happen. We provide an environment that is a fun, interactive, learning adventure. You will join others who are seeking to rise higher in life and win in new ways!


Many face similar challenges in life; it's how they are handled that makes the difference. Our workshops provide a space to practice new ways of engaging our personal struggles, and potentially taste victory.


Do you want to embrace change that sticks and benefits you for years to come?                                                                                    

Each workshop covers different subjects but all are designed to support you in winning in your vision for life!


Where there is no vision the people perish. Prov. 29:18


All four workshops are 7 hrs. long  and can be done individually or combined in a weekend. Usually 10-30 people per workshop and consist of short lectures, interactive group discussions, one on one coaching and hands-on participation.


Workshop Themes:


Workshop #1 The gift of freedom


1.) The connection between freedom and forgiveness


2.) Forgiving and setting boundaries


3.) Learn to stop being so hard on yourself


4.) Your unstoppable vision



Workshop #2 Fly above


1.) The power of expectations


2.) Judgements and revenge


3.) Your heart = your responsibility


4.) Healing the heart



Workshop #3  How to deal with offenses


1.) Value of walking through an offense


2.) Know yourself=how you react when offended


3.) know others = know when others are offended


4.) Be confident walking through offenses



Workshop #4 A leaders challenge, Rise above


1.) Accepting you are human


2.) Who is my support system


3.) Standing in the storm


4.) Bring it! Freedom!


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